Bottom line, I think the Ultra anchor is far from “motor boat jewellery”! Yes, it’s pretty and expensive, but together with the swivel it represents a great piece of engineering,...

Thomas Nygaard- read more

I used it quite often on my way down to Portugal, and each time it immediately grabs into the ground with perfect holding. Drop and forget. Never any worries, never bad holding. The Ultra Anchor is really a perfect (and beautiful) anchor!

Andreas Kyanowski- read more

After looking and check any detail I felt that had to purchase it!! The confirmation of it, was when the comercial on the stand asked me to try the different scale anchors on a sand box. That was a really nice because could see the real performance on the sand, in model scale.

Goncalo Lemos - read more

The breeze started at around 23.00 left its place to a storm “45-65” knot for 6 hours and the whole time ULTRA Anchor did a fantastic job and we didn’t move an inch. We thank you everyone for making such an anchor giving us confidence even during this nightmare…

Tolga Aydınol - read more

After multiple dragging episodes with our plow anchor in swift current but calm conditions, we returned to the same location a couple of weeks with our new ULTRA Anchor. Were anchored for several days in the same location including weathering a front with 20-30 mph winds. The anchor stuck immediately upon hitting the bottom and never moved for our entire stay.

Jon Jones - read more

The sea trial was a success. But you will now feel very proud of your anchor. An unexpected gale moved over our anchored location and winds were steady for 15 minutes at 53 kts, gusts to 60 kts. The anchor (in mud) held beautifully. What a test. We felt very secure.

Dan Libera - read more

Since that initial season of 2013 we have anchored several hundred times and the Ultra has never failed to set immediately on the first try. We have slept much more soundly since then and have the peace of mind that we have the best anchor ever designed.

Marvin, Georgy & Nancy - read more

I keep on relaying my experience with Gunfleet 58/04 (anchored with an ULTRA Anchor) where in 45-50 knots of wind another 40ft boat dragged its anchor which rode up our chain and became jammed in our stem-head.

Nick Creed - read more

I just wanted to let you know your “Ultra Flip Swivel” really works great. I have tried it many times now and feel its safe to let my wife stow the anchor. 

Rondy Dike - read more

We just finished serving as a stake boat in ny harbor during the recent America's cup Lois Vuitton series.This required repeatedly anchoring in approximately 50 feet of water in a current up to 4 knots with variable winds from 0 to 32 knots over three days. The coast guard cutter anchored near us was dragging in the mud bottom. The Ultra anchor on all chain held my Hylas 56 like it was on a mooring.

Alan Sarokhan - read more

I saw an ad while looking through a magazine in a small inlet in Gokova. The reel in the picture looked quite sensible. I decided to call the number shown. The product called "Quickline" was made of 316 L quality stainless steel. I instantly ordered one.

Dr. Noyan Eralp - read more

I mounted 3 Quickline, two in the push pit and one in the pull pit of my yacht called "Uzaklar II". I spent the winter of 2002 in the Gokova and Hisaronu bays. Sea bound people know, there is just not enough room in these bays and inlets to moor comfortably, so we anchor from the pull pit and tie the push pit to a sturdy station on land for support.

Osman Atasoy - read more

My test was in Morehead City, NC this fall in 35 kt winds with a sandy bottom and set the anchor alarm. We were in a narrow anchorage but did not move at all that night. I look forward to continuing test this winter on our trip back to Florida. By the way, the Ultra looks great too.

Michael Dyer - read more

I've been using your products for more than 6 years with my yacht, particularly your Ultra anchor, and i can say that they are very very good,and that Ultra anchor is the best anchor i've ever had! Ultra anchor assured me always a complete peace of mind in all situations!

Vincenzo Fonti - read more

Last August at Mink Island in Desolation Sound we had a HUGE wind blow through. Naturally, it was 2:00 in the morning. The harbor was packed with 20+ boats. It quickly became a rodeo with 12-15 boats losing their anchor hold. Everyone was awake, lots of hollering, crews trying to keep boats from colliding. That Ultra Anchor you installed never budged!

Greg Allen - read more

Since June 2014, we use every day our ultra anchor on our Catana 472, at first in Mediterranean, and after in Canara Islands where the Anchor has hold us at anchoring with wind, tide and swell... we were alone at anchoring during 5 days and we had totaly confidence in the ultra anchor.

Véroniquie et Patrice - read more

I wanted to let you know how much nicer it is to anchor with your anchor knowing you’re secure and there’s little chance of having an issue especially with 3 to 1 out and little wind or current. My boat is fifty years old this summer.

Marshall Duffield - read more

Nice and give the market what it wants, but I adore my Shinny Ultra Anchor, and receive many compliments about it. The mud of the Saint Johns river slides right off when recovering it unlike my old galvanized plow, and the Ultra Anchor sets the first time every time, and has held fast in some serious thunderstorms in both mud and sand.

Will Woodman - read more

We have a 2006 meridian 408 and had purchased your Ultra Anchor from you during the 2014 Annapolis boat show. I am pleased to report after one years use that this was one of the best additions to our boat so far. We have anchored out under not-so-good conditions and this anchor was like a magnet.

Wreck Creation - read more

In 5,000 nM of cruising aboard our 40 foot sailboat from Houston to Grenada over the last 1 1/2 years, I’ve used my 60lb Ultra in all kinds of anchoring situations and bottom surfaces as well as 360 degree swings. I’ve been through many 40-50kts squalls at anchor. My Ultra has never ever dragged. I sleep very well knowing the Ultra has proven itself.

Ed Carter - read more